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Careers In Construction

Stronger Together

Did you know there are over 100 job titles in the construction industry?! A true reflection of how construction is a varied industry with something for everyone. 

At BPIC we are passionate about spreading careers awareness, so step inside and explore the different career paths showcased through interviews with those currently working in the industry.




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What People Say

Jeannie Knight
BPIC Network Memeber 

I have secured a new position with, a reputable global consultancy and construction firm with offices in five continents. I am eternally grateful for the referral and support, , for keeping me updated throughout the process and for the confidence boost and self-made opportunities

Michelle Seale
Head of Community Investment
​Axis Europe 

I think it's been a great event this evening! I'm really pleased to network with so many different professionals in the construction industry.  I hope it continues growing from strength to strength, and I think its really important  to keep this going! 

Faith Locken 
Chartered Commercial Surveyor 
​JLL Europe 

Thank you so much BPIC
for inviting me, for allowing us to host your event here. It's been great working with you guys! Everything you are doing is so important to drive the diversity  and inclusion agenda forward within the construction industry! ​​​

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