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Emmanuel Aina-Prince 

Assistant Cost Manager, Real Estate, UK, Turner & Townsend

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Emmanuel Aina-Prince delves into his experience within the construction industry and shares his gratitude for the BPIC network. 


After gaining his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering (University of Teesside), Emmanuel decided to explore other career options and became a Cost Manager with Turner & Townsend. 

The Role – Cost Management

“In terms of responsibilities, my role is diverse, no day is the same, which I love.” – Emmanuel  

As a cost manager (otherwise known as a Quantity Surveyor) Emmanuel plays a fundamental part in his team. His responsibilities are incredibly varied but primarily concern the establishment of a project management strategy and estimating costs for each project  
One of his favourite projects concerned the creation of a training facility for apprentices. Collaborating with Middlesbrough College, Emmanuel loved this project mostly due to its social value. He particularly appreciated his ability to be part of something that was focused on ensuring the new generation is provided with new opportunities.  
For those hoping to develop a career within the construction industry, Emmanuel recommends applying for as many work experience or placement opportunities as possible. That way, it would be easier to decipher which part of the business you would like to be a part of. He also emphasises the importance of saying ‘yes’ to things as it is a wonderful way to develop your understanding of what various roles entail. 

 Working At Turner & Townsend

“Turner & Townsend are really good at encouraging you to further your learning, there are so many training and further education opportunities that they’ll support you with.” – Emmanuel  

Despite all the other successful global consultancy agencies within the UK, Turner & Townsend stood out to Emmanuel. What he loves most about the business is their genuine interest in investing in their employees, which is evident by the Early Careers Programme. Whilst he is not fresh out of sixth form or a recent graduate, Emmanuel was sponsored to study for an MSc in Quantity Surveying.  

Navigating The Construction Industry as a Man of Colour  

“Within any team, it is important to have people from various backgrounds who can share their unique insight and opinions. That’s what I try to do here at Turner & Townsend.” – Emmanuel  

Navigating the construction industry can be quite daunting, even more so for a person of colour. This is one of the reasons why Emmanuel is in full support of the BPIC Network. For Emmanuel, as a Black British man, navigating the construction industry has been incredibly positive.

However, he does recognise that he is often the only person of colour in the room. Due to this some individuals do not always understand things from his perspective. Nevertheless, he views this as an opportunity to be that representative voice. 

More Than Just a Cost Manager  

“Being Black and British is amazing, I just love the culture.” – Emmanuel 

Although he was born in Nigeria, Emmanuel spent most of his childhood and adult life in the UK. One of the things he loves most about having Nigerian roots is exploring Nigerian cuisine. During National Inclusion Week, as part of the North East D&I team he organised a Food Festival where colleagues were invited to bring in their favourite dishes from across the world for a sharing which involved a full day of celebrating our people across both offices in Teesside and Newcastle. 
In his spare time, Emmanuel often goes to the driving range with his friends and has even picked up Golf as his new favourite sport. He is also an avid baker – so if you ever happen to work alongside him, be sure to request a ginger cake! 

Key Take Away

“Try not to be overwhelmed by imposter syndrome. You are here for a reason, and you have great talents to offer. Remember that you deserve to be here.” - Emmanuel 


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