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We have a team of dedicated social value manages, 
demonstrating a commitment to making a positive impact. Our extensive network, deeply connected to the community, positions our organization uniquely to leverage these relationships for meaningful outcomes across various communities. Together, we can create lasting and positive changes that extend beyond the industry. 

 Local and Inclusive Employment

We take pride in having a dedicated team of in-house social value managers who are not only well-trained but also adept at shaping comprehensive social value delivery plans. Our experts are committed to working collaboratively with you to develop and implement strategies that align with your organization's goals, ensuring a positive and impactful
contribution to social value. Whether it's enhancing community engagement or fostering inclusivity, our skilled team is ready to tailor solutions that resonate with your mission and values. This also included employment and delivery plan.


Diverse Supply Chain and a Network of Grassroot Partners

We take pride in our extensive network of grassroots organizations, poised to collaborate with you in delivering meaningful social value. This robust network allows us to tap into local expertise, community insights, and specialized resources, ensuring that you initiatives are not only impactful but also deeply rooted in the communities you aim to serve. With a network of over 200 diverse businesses, our team will assist with solutions for diverse procurement ensuring opportunities are reaching businesses within communities. 


Tenders Writing and Reviews

We offer a full spectrum of support by not only attending tender interviews
but also providing valuable assistance in bid writing. Our team is wellequipped to articulate your organization's strengths, capabilities, and
commitment to delivering exceptional results. Whether it's presenting in
tender interviews or crafting compelling bids, we strive to enhance your
competitive edge and increase the likelihood of securing successful outcomes.


Developing and Managing Employment and Skills Plan

We are committed to supporting you in developing a robust Employment &
Skills Plan that aligns with your obligations. Our comprehensive approach
includes researching the local area to ascertain key priorities outlined by the local authority. Additionally, we actively identify and engage with key
community groups to ensure meaningful collaboration.

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