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Finance Graduate

On this week’s careers in construction, meet Tanaka, a Finance Graduate at Vistry Homes. Accountants ensure that companies or organizations are efficiently operating. They do this by accessing financial records of their clients. Duties include analyzing data, finance reports, budgets, tax returns, and accounting records of either organisations or clients’.

1. Why did you choose your career path?

I really enjoy technical work but I am also very much a people person and enjoy working in teams. So working in Project management turned out to be a perfect blend of those two things. Becoming a risk manager is something that found me more than anything and is something that I find so intellectually stimulating and rewarding.

2. What did you study in school/university?

I studied Materials Engineering at Loughborough University.

3. What certifications are associated with your career?

There are professional foundation and practitioner level certifications with the likes of APM, IRM and MoR which offer short courses to become a qualified risk professional. There are also various masters degrees available in risk management.

4. What advice do you have for someone looking to purse this career path?

Reach out to people in the industry and be intentional about exploring different disciplines. Additionally, find great teachers/mentors, it sounds cliché but makes a huge difference in how you progress.

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