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Meet a Building Inspector

Welcome back to our Careers in Construction Series. We aim to spread awareness of the many different career paths you can take in the built environment.

On this week's segment, meet Yvonne Patsanza, a Senior Building Inspector at NHBC.

A building inspector is employed by a city or township to make sure specific safety standards are in place for buildings and homes. Building inspectors enforce the building code, which has detailed and specific standards that need to be adhered to.

Buildings could be new-builds, remodelling projects, or even prospective real estate purchases that need an inspection before purchase. Building inspectors check the structural integrity and safety of buildings, and determine if the materials used are appropriate and comply with specific standards.

Building code is designed with a certain level of safety and construction quality in mind. Before a structure can be used, the building inspector needs to be called and brought in to thoroughly examine it, approving that it is up to code and safe for use.

Why did you choose this career path

I wanted a career that was technical, challenging and enabled me to split my time between the office and outdoors. Being a Building Inspector ticked all the boxes above and more. I enjoy change and no two days are the same. Building Standards and Regulations are constantly evolving, in many ways improving and I find that keeping up with the changes enables me to grow my knowledge base.

What did you study in school/university?

Business Computer Programming.

I’ve come a long way from writing computer programs in the IT sector to inspecting houses! After a couple of career changes, I realised that many of the skills I picked up in IT were easily transferrable.

What certification is associated with your career?

NVQ’s in Site Inspection, Construction management and Engineering degrees

What advise do you have for someone looking to pursue this career path?

No matter what industry you’re in at the moment, you probably have transferrable skills that are useful in the construction industry. If you are observant, like getting into details and enjoy the growth that comes with regularly learning new concepts, take a look at becoming a Building Inspector.

This is not a career that is ready made on a self – find an organisation with a good training academy, prepare to learn about how buildings are constructed and hopefully enjoy a rewarding career inspecting.

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Are you a Building Inspector too? Leave any additional comments you have to support the above.

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