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An Electrical Engineer

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

On this weeks’ careers in construction meet Ayo, an Electrical Engineer. An electrical engineer is someone who designs and develops new electrical systems, solves problems and tests equipment. They study and apply the physics and mathematics of electricity, electromagnetism and electronics to both large- and small-scale systems to process information and transmit energy.

1. Why did you choose this career path?

I was originally interested in design, however chose site as I wanted to get a sense of what is practical. It’s so easy to think an idea or design is excellent without appreciating how it will be physically built and then used throughout its lifetime. Additionally, it’s amazing to see power infrastructure be constructed before your eyes.

2. What did you study in school/university?

I have always been a fan of mathematics so took mathematics, further mathematics, history and physics A Levels.

I have a master’s degree in Electronics Engineering, where the first year was integrated so we did Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Materials Engineering. My first year has proven highly useful now that I work in a civil construction company.

3. What certifications are associated with your career?

Chartership with the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology), Persons and other electrical safety qualifications from National Grid.

4. What advice do you have for someone looking to pursue this career path?

Study hard, appreciate the importance of people skills and make sure you fully understand the questions before you try and find the answer.

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