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Communities Building Framework

Building local, diverse supply chains to embed health and wealth into communities.

We are passionate about working with organisations and Authorities to create sustainable, socially conscious and diverse local supply chains in order to ‘level up’ from the ground up.


Our Story

If levelling up is to be truly successful and sustainable the question we should be answering is how much diversity, health and wealth do we really create locally?

We have a moral imperative to ensure that public sector works are accessible to SME’s and diverse supply chains. If you know more needs to be done in your locality and Place, to identify and support businesses in your region, to enable them to access your works and then hopefully to scale as their experience builds, then we’d like to help.


With the BPIC network we have a ready-made network of diverse suppliers that may be appropriate for your organisation. We will also research your local supply market and engage with the types of organisations that you need, and that also meet with your diversity goals. We will run a supplier day and assess who will help best meet your wider objectives. We will educate them in what they need to know in order to access works; public sector rules and regs, frameworks, how to access frameworks and most importantly what does a successful bid look like.

BPIC will provide a local, diverse supply chain solution that is direct, efficient, and designed to meet social, economic and sustainability goals.

Our framework is flexible, meaning that we can onboard local suppliers and provide authorities with a direct route to procure services from your supply market. We will also run targeted and accelerated procurement competitions on your behalf. And if you know which supplier you want and timescales are tight, we can direct award contracts whilst carrying out cost benchmarking to meet value for money measures.

This means that you do not need to rely on sub-contracts to reach local and diverse suppliers, nor pay the mark-up fees for the pleasure. 


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