Judge Profile

Webster Sib

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Over 30 years working experience covering some of the sectors outlined below;


• Facilities/Procurement – Help Desk Administrator/Coordinator & Reactive Administrator/Coordinator (6-year experience)

• Public Health – NHS Senior Health Advisor & Emergency Services Clinical Hub Administrator (4-year experience)

• Financial – Accounting, Corporate Actions & Shareholder Account Management (3-year experience)

• Charity – Senior Management, Volunteer Management, Fundraising Management & Research (10.5-year experience)

• Media – Research & Development, Implementation Consultant, Project Management & Trainer (7.5-year experience)


During his time working on a United Nations Programme, he was impressed by how well their Diversity and Inclusion Programme worked, as well as the steps taken to make sure it is people driven.


The most important thing for him is to remove the negative assumptions that often surround the concept of‘ Racial Inclusion’. Often it is seen as giving an unfair advantage, or preferential treatment to people of BAME backgrounds. Rather than ensuring everyone has the same level of opportunity to succeed based upon their skills and experiences.


Creating a group understanding is key, as well as understanding how unconscious bias can hinder progress to equality.  It is important that it is not viewed as a forced issue or something done to simply tick a box.