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Swale Heating are one of Kent's largest installers of boilers and heating systems, completing over 10,000 installations each year and keeping over 100,000 homes safe and warm, via our maintenance services across London, the South East and East Anglia safe and warm.

We provide expert, independent guidance in helping our customers choose the best heating and boiler systems and have over 48 years’ experience of installing and maintaining them.

As one of the biggest and most recognised companies in Kent we have over 350 people working for us. We employ in a wide range of roles including gas engineers, electricians, administration staff and team members for our HR, Accounts and Marketing teams. We work tirelessly every day of the year to ensure you can rely on us to keep you warm.

Find out more below about what it is like working at Swale Heating, career development, and the benefits available to our staff.

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