Senior Shift Technician

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BPIC Network

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4 On & Off

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23 August 2021, 23:00:00

About the job

The Senior Shift Technician is part of a team working shift system providing the property with an engineering presence. You are an integral part of the management and supervisory team ensuring that the engineering services are delivered to the highest possible standard and providing effective management of their subordinates.


  1. To be responsible for carrying out Planned Preventative Maintenance in accordance with SFG20/CIBSE/BSRIA   guidelines   1tilizing   the   Concept   system   and   additionally   reactive maintenance / projects / minor works / emergency responses relating to the operation of the building’s Electrical and Mechanical Building Services.

  2. Deputise for the Technical Services Manager and Engineering Services Manager in their absence, as required, taking a lead role in incident management response in the absence of senior management.

  3. To produce and control Permit(s) to Work relevant to activity being undertaken on their shift and to ensure that any Contractors receive the relevant necessary induction.

  4. Assist in the management and coordination of specialist contractors, work with and escort contractors during maintenance visits, ensuring that working guidelines are followed always.

  5. Carryout out minor electrical and mechanical installations, as and when requested.

  6. Ensure plant rooms are tidy and presentable, reporting any issues for rectification.

  7. Monitor all machinery and plant room maintenance to the agreed schedules.

  8. Ensure that any materials required to carry out tasks are ordered in a timely manner.

  9.  Supervise, develop and mentor Shift Technician(s) ensuring quality of maintenance standards and professional conduct at all times.

  10. Identify, manage and report any risks, accidents or near misses in a timely manner.

  11. Act as an Appointed Person within a specified field where required or directed by the Engineering Services Manager.

  12. To respond quickly and effectively to any building alarms received from the service desk or BMS, and to escalate alarms where necessary, recording all reactive tasks in the shift lo

  13. To undertake or complete reactive tasks which arise outside of normal hours when on shift and assist during office hours where peaks in demand for reactive works are identified.

  14. Complete water treatment tasks in the absence of, or to aid, those who hold daily responsibility as directed by the Technical Services Manager and/or General Manager.

  15. Uphold the integrity of the company always and ensure provisions of high levels of customer service are provided.

  16. Actively participate in the process of continually reviewing and improving both directly delivered and contracted services.

  17. Ensure the timely return of all PPMs, from your shift team before month end, following up on all recommendations identified and added to the PPM system.

  18. Regularly review stock levels of consumables, PPE, tools and critical spares and prepare orders to replenish where necessary.



It’s my clients objective to have zero serious safety incidents by implementing consistent, attainable safety and health principles across the organization. This organization embeds SH&E into their  culture and values and maintains a focus on continuous improvement.

To achieve this, expectations of employees are listed below:

  • Embrace safety as a core value of the organization.

  • Demonstrate your commitment to SH&E excellence in your actions and decisions.

  • Commit to holding safety in the highest regard for both yourself, as well as fellow employees.

  • Incorporate employer Life-Saving Principles into your work planning and execution.

  • Proactively identify, manage, and mitigate hazards to reduce risk in the workplace.

  • Engage in training and continuing education to develop the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to work safely and to co-operate with the company so far as is always necessary to enable  the company to comply fully and with its legal duties regarding health, safety and welfare matters.

  • Take action to stop work if it cannot be executed safely or if conditions or behaviours are unsafe.

  • Immediately report SH&E incidents, near-misses, unsafe conditions, and/or at-risk behaviours to their supervisor; then diligently work to correct the problem.

  • Embody and support Safety, Health and Environment Policy.

  • Be responsible and accountable for your actions and/or inactions and to take reasonable care for the health and safety of yourself and of other persons who may be affected by your acts or omissions at works.

  • Promote safe work practices and safe working conditions in accordance with all Safe Work Procedures and never to interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interest of health, safety and welfare

  • Wear Personal Protective Equipment when required.

  • To familiarise yourself with the company’s Health and Safety Policy and to always comply fully with the company’s health, safety, welfare and fire arrangements.

  • To report immediately all accidents involving injuries and illness verbally to your immediate superior and a First Aider and make or have made on your behalf, an entry in the company’s Accident Book.

  • Never to use any machinery, work equipment, dangerous substance, transport equipment, system of work or safety device unless you have been authorised to do so and then only in accordance with any training received by you and any instructions provided to you.

  • Never to perform work you are not qualified to do or have not been properly trained for.

  • To inform the company immediately of any work situation which you reasonable consider represents a serious and immediate danger to health and safety or represents a shortcoming in the company’s arrangements health and safety.

  • To report to the company any medical condition you have and any medication or substance you are taking which could affect the safety of yourself or others.

  • To seek medical treatment for all injuries you sustain (no matter how slight they appear).

  • If required, to cooperate fully and promptly with any accident investigation carried out by the company.


£47K + £7k shift bonus + O/T £60K is realistic

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