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Board Member Profile 

Anna Koukoullis


Anna Koukoullis, an Opera-trained professional, has dedicated the past decade to driving positive change in Social Value, EDI, and organizational development. With a passion for enabling talent and improving organizational performance, she has rapidly advanced her career in the construction industry.

As Head of Social Value at Willmott Dixon Interiors, Anna integrated social value into core business operations, leading an award-winning national team that makes a significant impact on customers and communities. Under her leadership, WDI were awarded 'Best Corporate Social Responsibility' award at the Construction Investing in Talent Awards for initiatives addressing social exclusion and engaging unemployed youth.

Anna's influence extended to the EDI team, where she passionately challenged the status quo and fostered an employee-led approach, embedding inclusive practices to attract, recruit, and retain diverse talent.

Currently serving as Head of Organizational Development, Anna leverages her expertise as a performance coach to drive collaboration, continuous improvement, productivity, and sustainable growth.

She is a recognised as a thought leader, regularly sharing insights through speaking engagements and publications. Her accolades include Most Inspiring Role Model Under 40 award (Inspire Awards) and the Sir Ian Dixon scholarship for her research on youth unemployment in construction (The UK's Forgotten Youth: Training and Employment Opportunities)

Honoured with the Master's Journey Man Certificate in 2022, Anna uplifts and empowers others as an industry mentor and advisor. She actively contributes to the Worshipful Company of Construction as a Yeoman and champions Social Value, EDI, talent development, and organizational change as a member of the CIOB's External Affairs Advisory Board.

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